FF-VAAPI FFmpeg GUI frontend for Linux

Screenshot of FFVAAPI

Converts videos to H.264 or H.265 to save space

    I made this little java app to make my FFmpeg experience easier. There's plenty of apps that do just that, but I can't find one that used the GPU's encoder to make H.264 and H.265 compressed files in Linux. I can do it if I had Windows or Mac, I could find more than one app. I ended up using FFmpeg to encode with VAAPI, but I always had to use the command line to do it. So I decided to make a java app that can enter in all the arguments needed to make H.264 or H.265 videos. It only works on Linux and was only tested with an AMD rx570 card. I believe it will work with Intel and Nvidia also, but it's not tested. So far you can, scale resolution, change frame rate, remove audio, and change the bitrate. If you don't enter in the new file name (output file), it will automatically name it the same as the original file, but with "-X264" or "-X265" at the end.


- Linux - this app doesn't work in Windows or Mac
- ffmpeg - of course
- Intel, AMD, or Nvidia graphics card that supports H.264 and H.265 encoding
- VAAPI drivers for your graphics card
- vainfo - so the app can see what your graphics card can do
- Java runtime - cause its a java app