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Run command line commands

    This is a simple app I created to do small tasks with command line apps, like ping. Of course there are apps that can ping, but I wanted the same ping that I use on my Desktop, just simple text, no bloated nonsense and no ads. I found any useful Linux command I could and added it to this app also. There are many Linux commands that don't come with the standard Android or are blocked from use by a non-root user, so the list wont be as long as I wish. I added some commands that might be useful if you're learning Android/Linux and want to see what happens when you type ifconfig or lsusb in the terminal. These are all commands you can type in the terminal yourself, this just makes it a little easier, especially for ping. If you ping something a lot, get this app.

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Full list of commands:

ping -c 5
ping -c 20
ifconfig wlan0
ifconfig -a
more /proc/version
more /proc/cpuinfo
more /proc/meminfo
more /proc/modules
more /proc/devices
netstat -r
netstat -t
netstat -u
df -h